Ten Things to Think About Before Starting a Demolition Project


There is much to consider before a partial of full demolition of a building. Rules, regulations, health and safety, and not to mention relations with your neighbours! Employ the services of the experts and take a holiday; or enthusiastically get stuck into a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) job with a sledgehammer?

1. DIY

As much fun as they make it look on the television shows to take a sledgehammer to a wall, it’s never quite that simple! In reality a lot of preparation and planning went on behind the scenes before the star of the show got to wield that sledgehammer. Walls identified for removal have to be checked first to make sure they are not load bearing. Electrics needs to be isolated so you don’t electrocute yourself. So before you go kicking or punching a hole in a wall on camera, check a few key facts out first won’t you?


Not for you, for the neighbours either side to say sorry for all the noise, dust and disruption to their peaceful neighbourhood! Although keeping a bottle of champagne chilled for demolition completion might be a good idea, and another for when you celebrate the completion of the new build!


There are rules, lots of them! Council and local authority regulations govern what you can and cannot do when planning a demolition project and subsequent rebuild. Before you knock down your house or take out a wall check first that you aren’t doing anything illegal. Not really something you can keep quiet when the skip gets delivered making it all too easy for some kind soul to report your activities in the nicest possible way.


Nasty stuff in general depending on the type they may have used in the construction of your house. Check when your house was built as that will determine the likelihood of asbestos being a potential problem in your New Zealand home. Auckland homes built between 1940 and 1990 are most likely to have had some form of asbestos used in the insulation or ceiling manufacture. Any suspicion of potential asbestos problems and samples should be collected by qualified, experienced professionals and tested prior to their removal. If asbestos is detected, removal is not something the DIY enthusiast should attempt, because that stuff can be dangerously hazardous to your health!


Take a break from the dust and noise especially if you have asthma or eczema and have a holiday instead. Book a week away somewhere nice and warm with a pool and come back when the dust has settled. You may even have to consider renting somewhere else if it`s to be a long project. Even if your house is not up for a full demolish and just a slight remodel the mess will be terrible!


Plans change, expect the unexpected and be flexible. It may be that there have to be some changes along the course of the project for practical or aesthetic reasons. Don’t stress about the little things concentrate on what is important and cannot be negotiated on. So, be flexible about some aspects or you’ll be grey by the end of the project!


If you’re keeping the structure or framework of the house it is still a good idea to strip back all the walls bare. Beware skeletons! Also a good time to re-wire those ancient electrics, fix the plumbing and add some good quality insulation.


Take advice and employ experts. It’s their job to understand the rules and regulations, To know that you can’t put ‘that’ over ‘there’, because…so take their advice. You’re paying them your hard earned cash to do a good job for you. Make your thoughts and desires known but be prepared to work with them, because they are the professionals and ultimately responsible for your safety.


House renovations rarely come in under budget! Why not? Because something always comes up…maybe the tiles you had your heart set on are suddenly not available and you have to choose something else at short notice and can’t get a good deal. Maybe you hadn’t planned to replace all the electrics but for your safety it becomes essential. You may be able to save elsewhere but best advice is to save at least 10% of your budget for the inevitable hiccups! Take note that excavation services in Auckland is expensive.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Minimise waste and you will reduce your landfill and skip hire costs. You will be surprised what can be salvaged from your property and sold on to a reclamation yard. Demolish slowly and carefully and windows and kitchen units can be saved for example. Just because they aren’t to your taste or future needs doesn’t mean they aren’t perfect for someone else. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, after all! Ultimately recycling wherever possible is better for the environment!

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